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Billiards is a very interesting and absorbing table game which has a multitude of admirers world over. Billiards’ popularity is of such a high profile that it is included among the five most well-known and widespread contemporary games and has been officially recognized as an independent sports discipline.

RuptuR Company’s Billiard Tables

Exactly the way theatre begins with a coat rack, billiards begins with the table. The RuptuR factory has been engaged in billiard tables manufacturing since 1994. Within this period of time we have succeeded in gaining the positions of a major universally recognized CIS leader as to their production. Today our catalogue presents billiard tables and goods of all price categories ranging from inexpensive economy class models to exclusive items. Our Company is also involved in selling billiard tables for various game types: pyramid, pool and snooker.

All the billiard tables manufactured by RuptuR and intended for homes are exclusively manufactured of solid natural wood (ash, oak or other hardwood) with no use of wooden chip of MDF boards; besides, each billiard table part undergoes an extremely strict and thorough quality control procedure. In order to comply to the utmost degree with the playing area geometrical parameters, all the tables are adjusted by an expert. Moreover, a quality billiard table must be for sure mounted on a playing bed made of natural slate.

A RuptuR Billiard table Is Tantamount to Reference Quality

The materials used by us to build billiard tables are featured by high endurance and do not change their shape or size with the course of time. We take a special care about selecting the cloth, as the proportion of its wool and synthetic fibre, as well as its density directly affect the ball movements.

Unlike other billiard table manufacturers, we are not keen on the numbers of units produced per annum. Our main focus is a high-quality billiard table, which is why our products offered by our web-site are well-known and demanded well beyond Belarus or Russia. It is a favourite choice with amateurs or professional players alike, as well as with various billiards associations. Please, note that the RuptuR Company is the official partner of the European Committee of Pyramid.

Billiard Tables and Billiards Accessories at Affordable Prices

Apart from the billiard tables, wee have to offer to our customers cue racks, lamps and other accessories intended for playing billiards. Stylish billiards furniture made of natural wood is always available, too.

If you make your choice in favour of a billiard table by the RuptuR Company, you will choose quality and reliability!

RuptuR Billiard Tables
  • The billiard tables manufactured by the RuptuR Company are rightly considered to be among the very best on the billiard equipment market. Solid hardwood and highest-quality components are used for their manufacturing. We exercise a customized approach, meet our buyer’s want and are ready to take into account his or her special desires when ordering our products.
    A rich choice of colours, natural materials and a reliable structure are the major, yet, by far not the only trade-offs which the RuptuR billiard tables have got to offer. Our furniture collections designed for billiard rooms are virtually unrivalled. Style, functionality and full comfort are the features we are glad to provide to our buyers. All the products presented on our website are readily available through a wide network of our representatives in Russia, Belarus and Western Europe, delivery and installation at home included.

  • Please, visit us, call us and make your orders! The RuptuR Company manufactures its billiard tables in a strict compliance with the sports standards in place for the Russian-style pills and was an official billiard equipment supplier for the 2012 World Pyramid Championship.

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