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Our Trade-offs

The RuptuR billiard tables are official tables of the European Pyramid Championships.

What is the secret behind this success?

Our Company has always listened attentively to the opinions of those persons who play on its tables. In the first place, we have sought to take into account the professionals’ requirements. At various periods in time the RuptuR factory engineers were consulted by such billiards giants as Ramil Vakhitov, Givi Antimiadi, Aslan Buzoev, Yuri Sosnin and Evgeny Sozykin andthe leading Belarusian players Yuri Lobach, Yakubkin and Kolpakov. It is hard to overestimate the assistance provided by the Russian Cue Sports Federation, in particular, its Vice-President Vladimir Nikiforov and by the Russian national team head coach Georgy Mitasov. It is only natural, therefore, that the RuptuR Company engineers’ developments provide the basis for the International Committee of Pyramid and European Committee of Pyramid billiards equipment technical specifications.

Guided by these principles, RuptuR produces its tables which are used by champions to win their titles. Incidentally, one of our Company’s slogans is: You may fall short of the champions in playing, but not in the equipment. What helps to achieve this kind quality?

Secret No. 1

The RuptuR tables are manufactured of solid wood. The Company is using natural materials, only. No wooden chip boards, MDF or other substitutes, including metal frames which allow for using a poorer quality wood. Far from all the producers can work solid wood. Wood needs real craftsmen. The RuptuR Company employs such persons. They are former experts from the Borisov piano factory. In the Soviet Union the factory was one of the best wood-processing units, while its product, the Belarus brand pianos were renowned all over the country. It has to be emphasized that the musical instrument production sphere is a kind of woodworking ‘aerial acrobatics.’ For instance, some of the pianos incorporated as many as 100 species of wood. Many of today’s RuptuR employees continue their family traditions inherited from several previous generations.

Secret No. 2

Would-be RuptuR table quality begins with drying. Our Company has a large drying unit built using the US technologies. Far from every production facilities can handle drying oak wood beams as thick as 60 millimetres (a common furniture industry standard is just 30 to 40 mm). Naturally, these kinds of beams dry slowly, up to two months, one millimetre per day. At present, there are many various drying facilities available, for example, microwave-based ones, which work very fast. However, for the RuptuR Company it is quality that matters, therefore, being patient is beneficial.

Secret No. 3

Splicing. Take a wooden bar. Position it vertically and put on top a fifty pound weight. Let is remain like this for three years or so and then remove the load. If the bar has not already cracked, it is for sure slightly creaking. It is the same story with the billiard table legs. It is no trifling matter to carry stone slabs of several hundred kilogrammes. The work pieces for the heaviest parts out of all the RuptuR brand tables are spliced of small bars. Every one of them can behave in a different way; yet, within a solid article they compensate forces and ensure reliability and durability. Some exclusive models may contain up to 50 bars in one spliced item which weighs as many as a few dozen kilograms. It is much more difficult to produce such an element than the one which includes two or three glued-up pieces of wood. However, for the RuptuR Company it is quality that matters, therefore, working hard is beneficial.

Secret No. 4

Quite frequently slabs and wooden table parts only meet at the customer’s. This is no practice to be followed by the RuptuR factory. The stone slabs allow for permissible deviations from the standard amounting to 5 to 10 mm, while the maximum pocket dimension error is just one millimetre. Therefore, one may be in for a few nasty surprises when doing the assembly work. The RuptuR table top rails have in-house adjustment to the slabs. The customer is sure to get a set of guaranteed fitting. However, for the RuptuR Company it is quality that matters, therefore, adjusting is beneficial.

Secret No. 5

A billiard table assembly work is a sophisticated one and demanding special skills. It is a true art. If the top rail installation sequence is not complied with during the assembly, the table would not get together well. Our Company employs highly skilled assembly personnel who have been involved in supporting some European and global championships. RuptuR is holding on a regular basis its workshops for all the assembly personnel which deal with the RuptuR tables. However, for the RuptuR Company it is quality that matters, therefore, learning is beneficial.

Our secrets, as you could see for yourselves, are not too many. Nonetheless, very much work and love is invested in each and every RuptuR table irrespective of the fact whether it is an exclusive model or an inexpensive home one. All the components, except the slabs, cloth and top rail rubber, the Company produces in house rather than putting trust in any suppliers. Because quality is paramount. Definitely, in combination with traditions, also other than sporting ones. In the period between 1997 and 2001 RuptuR imported from far away about a thousand snooker tables, some real rarities being prominent among them. Many of these have been carefully restored. Our Company’s experts have also restored the "Monarch", a table from the Niasvizh Castle, a cradle of the magnate Radziwill princes, which implies that the RuptuR traditions date back a few hundred years rather than just 10 or 15 years.

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