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Our Factory

The RuptuR production facilities, like any business built from scratch, has its origins in a usual garage where the first billiard table was assembled. Today it is a cutting-edge production unit covering the area of some five acres, or two and half hectares.

The billiards factory is located in Zhodino, a town situated just north of the Belarusian capital Minsk. Zhodino is renowned in the first place due to the Belarusian Automobile Plant which manufactures the BelAZ brand of heavy-duty open-pit dump trucks. It is here, in the town of good craftsmanship traditions, that we engage in our billiard table making business.

The RuptuR billiard table production combines the experiences of the leading European and US manufacturers, and, certainly, some of our own know-how. Our Company is among the very few ones to do pre-assembly which excludes even minor faults. Today experts having a considerable experience and skills are involved in the billiard table production. The factory features its own experimental development workshop to integrate new technologies.


Wood Sauna

Drying section is the first one in the billiards production line. To assure a long service life for a billiard table or any other pieces of furniture, all extra moisture has to be removed from the wood. Unless the wood undergoes preliminary drying, then in time it can be deformed and cracked and thus relegate the billiard table to the firewood category.

In older times drying used to take years. Now, too, the musical instrument raw materials are endured for several years. The billiards production requirements are not so stringent but the production includes some peculiarities of its own. The weight of the shale slabs used as a basis for the playing area may reach a metric tonne; therefore, heavyweight parts are a must for use. Relevant requirements also refer to the equipment.

The RuptuR Company’s drying section history goes back to the equipment supplied by the US KOETTER Company. As our output went up, so did the workload on the section. Several years after our Company built two more drying boxes integrating the US and European experiences and best practices, as well as our own know-how. Today we can process oak wood beams up to 60 mm thick (please, note that the usual furniture production standard is 30 to 40 mm). These beams dry very slowly, indeed, just one millimetre per day, which implies a two-month timeframe taken by the wood drying process.

The RuptuR Company’s drying facilities are closed-cycle-based ones. The dryer furnaces burn wood processing waste which enables cost savings and makes our production green.



Tables Are Born Here

After the drying stage, the wood is transferred to the next section. It is exactly here that the billiard tables are born. The department is equipped with the wood-processing machines made by the ItalianSCM Company and with the best machine-tools of domestic and overseas origin.

After saw-cutting the wooden beams are transferred for splicing. The matter of the fact is that some of the heaviest billiard table parts are composite. For instance, some 50 small beam work pieces are used to produce legs of certain exclusive models. The technology is instrumental in reducing the leg splitting probability and, thus, in extending the billiards service life. Side boards, top rails and other billiards parts are wrought at least equally thoroughly.

All would-be billiard table parts undergo painting at a special department in compliance with all applicable precautions. The RuptuR Company gave up water-soluble paints and uses now the alcohol-soluble ones. The Company is applying the best German-made paints, only, some of the colours being customized for our production facility. After painting 2 to 5 layers of varnish are applied for a reliable billiards protection against moisture penetration.

The RuptuR Company is ranked among very few billiards manufactures which do table pre-assembly. At present, admissible inaccuracies allowed within the process of stone slab processing make 5 to 7 millimetres, while the maximum pocket dimension deviations must not exceed one millimetre. Slab and wooden mount fitting allows for such a playing area base selection that the pockets meet all the applicable standards. It is after this stage is over, only, that the set to be shipped to the customer is formed.

Our Company has developed plans to extend and improve its production facilities still further.



Artistic Workshops

Many RuptuR billiards models are richly decorated whether in the form of carving, artistic forging or leather embossment. The Zhodino billiards factory accommodates three workshops.

One of them employs wood-carvers. They are experiences craftsmen who confirm their high skills on a daily basis. Almost all our Company’s billiards contain elements of their work.

A next-door building accommodates a smithy where cold and hot hammering methods yield metal pads for the Richard billiards and twisted hangers for the Earl Grey collection.

The third workshop may be rightly named as an experimental one. It develops décor for would-be billiards, produces petty carved pieces and introduces new technologies or techniques.


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