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Billiard Sports

The RuptuR Company is engaged in a pro-active cooperation with the managing billiard sports authorities and provides assistance of every sort and kind to the athletes and sporting organizations. The Company’s technical experts have been involved in developing the Basic Technical Specifications of Billiard Equipment and are invited on a regular basis to the European and world-level championships to get the billiard equipment ready for the competitions. Why do we do it? Because we are sure that we can and must support and develop the billiard sports so as to increase the numbers of the billiard game fans.

The International Committee of Pyramid is entrusted with a very significant and extremely challenging objective of promoting our favourite kind of billiards. I am very much pleased that we have assistance in this area, like in the contemporary sporting billiards in general, from such partners as the RuptuR Company which supports unsparingly pyramid development.

Perhaps, this is the sporting brand without which billiards would have been notable weaker.

Vladimir Nikiforov
Director General, International Committee of Pyramid

The RuptuR team is made up of extremely highly skilled professionals; this is exactly why 8 out of 10 European championships have been held on this Company’s tables.

From the very beginning of table assembly and up to the victorious cue hit on the tournament finals both athletes and competition organizers are always sure of the RuptuR table quality.

Alexander Sokolov
President, European Committee of Pyramid

Ever since our Association was set up and till present the RuptuR Company has provided a colossal support to the Belarusian billiards. It is engaged in every single national or international competition held in the Republic of Belarus. Our champions, Evgeny Kurta, Elena Bunos, Violetta Klimova and many others have grown up as mature players using the RuptuR Company equipment.

This is my sincere hope that our cooperation will strengthen in the future and will last for many years to come.

Vasily Ivaniuk
Chairman, Belarusian Billiard Sports Association

Within the 15 years of its existence the RuptuR brand has become synonymous with high-quality products and reliable bona fide relations. Numerous competitions and tournaments held using the Company’s equipment provide the best confirmation. The most popular Moscow-based clubs enable their visitors playing on the RuptuR tables.

The Kremlin Billiard Tournaments have been held many a time using this Company’s best specimens of billiard equipment; doesn’t it serve as the highest proof of the quality?.

Evgeny Ivanov
President, Moscow Billiard Sports Confederation
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